The Semper Stronger Foundation

Rebuilding Our Heroes

Our mission is to provide health and fitness services to injured service members, combat veterans, and first responders in order to improve their quality of life and longevity.

Many combat veterans and first responders incur long-lasting injuries throughout their career. From physical injuries to brain injuries (Traumatic Brain Injuries), these wounds are often life-altering. The chronic physical, psychological, and emotional pain these veterans and responders live with can lead to disability, anxiety, depression, sleep problems, reduced quality of life, and even suicide.

--Roughly 20 veterans die by suicide every day--

Strength training and other physical activity reduces chronic pain, improves sleep, reduces anxiety, and increases endorphins (the body's "feel good" hormone).  The Semper Stronger Foundation funds health and strength services for these veterans. 

How Are We Different?

We rebuild through fitness



Providing on-site and virtual health, nutrition, and fitness seminars and resources to military and first responders. This is designed to reduce or prevent potential injuries by enhancing the body's capabilities and resilience.


Some injuries are inevitable. When they occur, we are prepared to help them recover. This service is designed to help them restore movement quality and function, reduce physical pain, and increase successful reintegration into their day-to-day life.


We aim to assist Protectors in reclaiming their quality of life, enabling them to engage in beloved activities, be it recreational or competitive. Our fitness coaches collaborate with Protectors, preparing them for races, family hikes, and participation in sports leagues, ensuring they are robust, fit, and healthy.


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about us

Serving those who serve us

The Semper Stronger Foundation is a Texas-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was created to make this country's heroes whole again. With your help, we will provide injured service members, veterans, and first responders a better quality of life.

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