James "Jim" Casper Delia

James “Jim” Casper Delia, Vietnam-era Marine Sergeant, retired avionics expert, foodie, and automobile enthusiast passed away on Sunday, September 3, 2023, with his devoted wife, Annette Tessier, by his side.

Jim, a born and raised in Washingtonian, will be remembered by his friends and family for many things, but especially for two of his many life’s prides: his Marine Corps service and his Bourbon Ball recipe. He enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1966, where his proficiency for marksmanship shooting was swiftly recognized. 

Jim was tenacious and militantly diligent, with a keen eye for detail. He took cues from nobody and knew exactly what he wanted for himself all of his life. Despite being urged to attend sniper training school, Jim opted for specializing in aircraft avionics and was deployed soon thereafter to Vietnam. After leaving military service, he elected to apply his skills and knowledge by working for the Defense Logistics Agency, as a Quality Assurance Manager. He had a long and distinguished career of over 30 years, working in support of the B-2 Bomber Rollout, the F-22 DPRO Team, and AWACS projects, for which he earned many awards and distinctions. His professional accomplishments were a great source of his pride; after retirement, he was not just Jim, but “Jim- Marine Sergeant,” and he emphatically shared his business card with just about anyone.

Jim was a fountain of esoteric knowledge and skill. He was a self-trained automobile mechanic, a skill he began to hone as an adolescent. He would unhypocritically insist that people should not own machines if they didn’t know how they worked, always being sure to read owners’ manuals cover to cover, and then neatly filing them away in his organized home office. He also knew the best way to prune a rhododendron, organize a green house, and sand and refinish benches. Jim was an animal lover, holding an extreme fondness for his cats Blondie, Tigger, and Chai.

He was a self-proclaimed gourmand, with specific tricks on how to best brine turkey, grill salmon, and make Bourbon balls, his signature dish. He had a love-hate relationship with carbohydrates, particularly later in his life. In his prime, and despite his bad knees, Jim enjoyed bodybuilding and would spend up to 4 hours each day in the gym. He proudly showcased his gym gains when playing golf. 

Jim awarded loyalty, but demanded integrity. He abhorred profanity and respected bona fide effort. He was very generous and greatly enjoyed opening his home to family and friends during holiday celebrations, particularly Independence Day. He was gruff, but witty, infrequently forfeiting the occasion to use one of his many wise cracks, what his family affectionately have termed his "Jim-isms.” He is survived by his wife, Annette Tessier, and his step-children and their families who live across the world.

Funeral services will be held on September 20th, 2023 at 2PM. The address is 5505 Kitsap Way, Bremerton, Washington 98312. Arrangements are made by Miller-Woodlawn Funeral Home & Memorial Park.

In lieu of flowers, the family asks that you make a donation in his honor to the Semper Stronger Foundation, a veteran owned non-profit that provides health and fitness services to injured service members and combat veterans. Jim was an injured veteran who enjoyed physical fitness, before his injuries precluded him from doing so. The Semper Stronger Foundation has generously dedicated a space to Jim on their webpage with further details about their work and how to make a contribution, and the family thanks them for helping to celebrate Jim’s life in this way. 

Finally, the family would like to extend its sincerest thanks and appreciation to the medical staff at Madigan Army Medical Center at Fort Lewis for their impeccable attention and professionalism, and for giving Jim the best medical care in his final days. 

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